Friday, October 12, 2018

Balinese Body Massage in Lajapt Nagar Delhi

Balinese Body Massage in Lajapt Nagar Delhi by Water massage table

Originating from the island of Bali, this massage is unique in that it uses a set of techniques in a single session.

It has an extremely ritualistic structure; begins with a Foot Bath: a bath and a foot and leg massage in a tub of warm water with flowers and essences.

It continues on the ground or on a cot with a combination of techniques from Java, Bali, China and India.

Part of the massage can be practiced by the operator on the bed working with pressure in parallel and vertical way. It can end with a Javanese Body Lulur, one of the best known herbal exfoliating treatments from the island of Java and Bali.

When doing a Balinese massage, great attention is paid to the warm oil and the perfumes used, for a deep anti-stress action.

The main goal of Balinese massage in lajpat nagar, born as a healing massage, is relaxation not only at the mental level but also of muscular tensions, obtained by the balanced combination of massage techniques such as friction and kneading, acupressure, open hand pressure and stretching

The operator will also learn to massage on the couch using both arms and moving the pressure through the constant balance of his body

The course allows students to learn the original maneuvers of this ancient massage technique to perform a complete treatment, designed to promote the well-being of the mind and the health of the body

Water massage table - massages with water or oils that help the body relax, recover and renew the power it meets the challenges of everyday life.

The technical features of Table are well-integrated in design. The hand shower is placed on the table and the water temperature is selected by a thermostat.

The client's head is placed in a slightly reduced area with its own drainage for ayurvedic therapies * in which the forehead is filled with hot oils. The oil is collected in a bowl where it can easily be removed.

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