Friday, September 14, 2018

Massage on the feet - more useful than we think!

Foot massage has been practiced for centuries to improve overall health and relaxation. Today, massage is considered an alternative to medicine or used as an additional treatment therapy. Millions of people around the world use this method to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, rehabilitate injuries and injuries - in general, improve health.

Foot massage is based on so-called reflexology - the stimulation of certain points corresponding to the condition of different parts of the body. Whether you're going to do a motorbike after a long day of exhausting work, or indulging in blessed procedures at the spa - you'll always benefit not only from the feet but also from the whole body!

Peace and relaxation

The treatment of certain points on the feet strongly affects the symptoms of anxiety and anxiety. A very important point on the soles reflects the solar plexus, where high levels of stress accumulate. When the solar plexus is stimulated through its reflector point, you are very quickly relieved of stress.

Improve blood circulation

It is very important that blood circulation is complete. It helps to supply oxygen to all cells and systems, cleans and helps remove toxins from the body. When the level of stress in the body is high, it suppresses the blood circulation and makes it difficult for organs to work. By soothing your feet you will not only reduce stress, but also improve your blood circulation, which will affect your entire body well.

Balance and harmony

All organs and systems in the body must work in perfect synergy to feel good and to be healthy. Foot massage helps to maintain or restore balance in the body.

Energy and rejuvenation

Massage of the feet is known to give a tide of energy. The refreshing feeling that comes after your treatment is incomparable. Except that you feel your feet as light as a feather, you will feel a lush tide of cheerfulness. According to theories of reflexology, by stimulating and palpating the soles of the feet, the body is released from all the blockages that impede the energy that has to pass freely throughout the body.

Enhancement of immunity

Massaging the body's points of defense protects the immune system's defense mechanisms and improves overall health. Regular leg massage can protect you from a number of ailments, especially stress-related.


If you decide to give your loved one a relaxing foot massage, it will inevitably make him a romantic expression. Stimulating the feet is a sensual, relaxing and intimate experience, which is a great way to show your partner love.

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