Monday, August 20, 2018

Simran Spa | Body Massage Parlour in Lajpat Nagar Delhi

Give yourself 45 minutes of absolute pleasure exclusively for you and your partner. Take advantage of this massage offer and recover your balance and well-being. The massage menu of Simran Spa is wide and varied and its professionals will advise you to choose the massage that best suits your wishes and needs. Eliminates toxins and liquids, relaxes body and mind or reduces centimeters in the best hands. You will feel like in heaven!

Massage is a manual therapy that has multiple health benefits and that produces different effects according to the area where it is applied and the type of movements that are made. In this a full body massage offer, you can choose from a wide variety, according to your needs. These are the different options:

Lymphatic drainage massage manual

The lymphatic drainage massage is intended to stimulate the lymphatic system, responsible for eliminating toxins, improving fluid retention and keeping the immune system in shape. You will eliminate toxins and liquids and you will feel lighter.

Relaxing massages

Relax with any of the natural relaxing massages. Relaxing the body helps you feel better and look better. Choose from an extensive menu that includes chocolate therapy, ice cream, seaweed, strawberries, citrus, hot stones or pindas. Some of them made with 100% natural products.

Reducing, toning and anti-cellulite body massage in lajpat nagar

By means of the anti-cellulite massages it is possible to open the pores, mobilize the lymphatic system, break the fat and, with this, facilitate the penetration of the cosmetic products that are used. In this way, more effective and immediate results are obtained to fight cellulite in the affected areas.

Among the reducing massages that you can choose are manual massages with cold or heat, honey therapy, maderotherapy, strong reducing massage, medium reducer, soft reducer, body massage, hot stones and more.

The professionals of Simran Spa will advise you at the moment about what massage is most suitable for your needs.

Simran Spa is a center where you will receive an exquisite treatment, and you will be able to enjoy that moment for you that you need so much. Enjoy the latest advances in beauty technology and aesthetics at the hands of the best professionals.


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