Friday, January 18, 2019

Massage Therapy in Delhi

Who does not like massages? If you dream of relaxing under the hands of the professional and forget about the care, Studio Massage services and therapies is your place!

Get your voucher for:
Restoring massage on the back, the collar and the hands with oil with macadamia extract, oil rose and eucalyptus (60 minutes)

• Anti-cellulite hip massage and seat with anti-cellulite cream with Bioline Jato algae and shea butter and grape seed (60 minutes)

• Total body massage in delhi (60 minutes) Rs 999

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Fitness massage

Fitness massage is a combination of more intense massage movements while the muscle is in contraction. It is ideal for people who are physically active, engaged in sports professionally or recreational.

While a therapist exercises fitness massage, active involvement of the client and maintenance of a certain position is required.

In addition to physical stimulation of the muscles, joints and other structures in the body, muscle flexibility increases, circulation and removal of toxins are accelerated, and the overall effect is to improve the vitality of the whole organism.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Thai Massage Simran Spa Lajpat Nagar Delhi

The thousand-year-old wisdom of Thai massage, which, with the stimulation of the main energy points in the body, restores a delicate balance between the physical and the spiritual body will enchant you and take over.

Thai massage in Delhi Indulge yourself with thoughtful touches of our masseurs, who will regenerate your body with a professional combination of stretching exercises, pressure on the acupressure points and touching inlays, hands, knees and feet.

In our massage salon Simran Spa we offer a range of different massages for everyone.

You can treat yourself to:
- Traditional Thai massage
- Thai massage with argan oil
- Facial and head massage
- Thai Macadamia massage
- Thai massage with aloe vera
- Massage with mango butter
- Chocolate massage
- Massage for pregnant women
- Anti-stress massage
- Foot massage
- Thai massage with warm herbs
- Thai massage with aromatic oils


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Aromatherapy massage with argan oil in Lajpat Nagar Delhi

Relaxing body massages stimulate the main muscle groups, instantly eliminating daytime tiredness and accumulated tension. Around the scent of candles and holy essential oils (cinnamon, vanilla, mandarin and ginger), you will feel rested and relaxed.

And to make the beauty even stronger, the body will be fostered by hot massage candles, oils with argan and bean extracts. A warm flame, warmed with the highest quality and composition of massage oil, will enchant you with a unique aroma and give the skin silk glamor.

 The "Simran Spa" Therapeutic Home is waiting for you!  +91 9354435960

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Aromatherapy massage in lajpat nagar delhi

The aromatherapy massage is a particularly gentle form of classical massage. Unlike a traditional oil massage in which the massage oil contains no fragrances, are used in an aromatherapy massage special essential oils scented.

The primary goal of an aromatherapy massage is the intense experience of well-being.

The scent of the essential oils invites you to dream during the gentle massage. At the same time, not only the sense of smell perceives the special fragrances, the body can also, via the skin, absorb the individual active ingredients of the essential oils.

Since the different fragrance oils have different effects - for example, stimulating or calming - depending on your symptoms, a special fragrance oil can be put together for your individual aromatherapy massage in the Oasa salt cave.

Monday, October 29, 2018

A luxurious body and face chocolate treatment

Chocolate is known for its rich cacao fruit composition and an appetizing aroma for a long time to be one of the most enjoyable sources of energy and aphrodisiacs, well-being and beauty sources.

The procedure starts with scrubbing the body - this is an extremely important body care procedure that cleanses the skin, removes the dead skin layer and improves microcirculation. This procedure promotes a renewal of a deeper layer of the epidermis, protects the skin from dryness and increases the effectiveness of other measures used.

During a relaxing and gentle massage in lajpat nagar delhi and wrap, chocolate gives moisturizing, regenerative and slimming effects, tones and softens the skin. Chocolate color, aroma, creamy texture and pleasant warmth during massage perfectly relax, calm and give a unique blend of bliss, as well as add energy, eliminate tension and improve mood.

During wrapping, face cleansing, peeling, tinting and applying a modeling face mask with an arabic coffee extract will be done.

The procedure is completed with a full body moisturizing body cream.

The procedure consists of:

Whole body chocolate peeling; whole body chocolate massage in lajpat nagar; chocolate wrap; "Express" facial treatment with alginate algae mask with Arabic coffee extract; massage the whole body with a moisturizing cream.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Balinese Body Massage in Lajapt Nagar Delhi

Balinese Body Massage in Lajapt Nagar Delhi by Water massage table

Originating from the island of Bali, this massage is unique in that it uses a set of techniques in a single session.

It has an extremely ritualistic structure; begins with a Foot Bath: a bath and a foot and leg massage in a tub of warm water with flowers and essences.

It continues on the ground or on a cot with a combination of techniques from Java, Bali, China and India.

Part of the massage can be practiced by the operator on the bed working with pressure in parallel and vertical way. It can end with a Javanese Body Lulur, one of the best known herbal exfoliating treatments from the island of Java and Bali.

When doing a Balinese massage, great attention is paid to the warm oil and the perfumes used, for a deep anti-stress action.

The main goal of Balinese massage in lajpat nagar, born as a healing massage, is relaxation not only at the mental level but also of muscular tensions, obtained by the balanced combination of massage techniques such as friction and kneading, acupressure, open hand pressure and stretching

The operator will also learn to massage on the couch using both arms and moving the pressure through the constant balance of his body

The course allows students to learn the original maneuvers of this ancient massage technique to perform a complete treatment, designed to promote the well-being of the mind and the health of the body

Water massage table - massages with water or oils that help the body relax, recover and renew the power it meets the challenges of everyday life.

The technical features of Table are well-integrated in design. The hand shower is placed on the table and the water temperature is selected by a thermostat.

The client's head is placed in a slightly reduced area with its own drainage for ayurvedic therapies * in which the forehead is filled with hot oils. The oil is collected in a bowl where it can easily be removed.